My work focusses on the
expressive quality of sclupture
combined with the simplicity
of mass produced objects.
Ranging from the ordinary
to the artistic, these may
have been initially designed
to serve a particular function,
but they acquire new uses
and meanings different
than those for which they
were originally intended,
forcing us to reconsider the
resilience of purely utilitarian
concerns by invoking an
emotional response.
My aim is to give form to
pieces that underscore
their singularities and
inherent meanings.
Guillermo Rodriguez is a
New York-based artist and
a designer specializing in
sculptural and art direction.
His comercial experience
include working with
fashion clients such as
Loewe, Jo Malone,
Surface magazine
(Noë Associates), Sybilla
or Cole Haan to name a few.
Find more at his related
tower I
laders I and II
frames I and II
figures I—VII
40 x 36 x 183 cm
Beech Wood